1-day Bike tours in Jizera Mountains

Are you spending holidays in Czech Republic 2020 and you want to have a 1-day adventure and be active? Let´s go mountain biking in the Jizera Mountains. Anything from easy cycling to difficult mountain biking is waiting for you!

You can spend your whole day in amazing nature and mountain bike at Singltrek pod Smrkem which was awarded by IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) as Ride Center in 2011 or enjoy trail riding in recently opened bike park Tanvaldsky Spicak.

Or perhaps you prefer stunning views and will thus appreciate a bike tour which offers the view from popular outlook towers in the Jizera Mountains like Bramberk, Kralovka, or Tanvaldsky Spicak.

Should you be interested more in the history of Jizera Mountains you can bike tour by the major dams like Josefuv dul or Sous or explore the long-lasting heritage of glass making in the Jizera Mountains.

Finally, you have a unique opportunity for bike touring along the course of the most famous and biggest cross country ski race in central Europe - Jizerska 50 which is part of the prestigious Visma Ski Classics series.

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in Jizera Mountains


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