1-day Bike Tour - Jizera Mountains Dams (long version)

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Distance: 49 km    Total ascent: 1010 m


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Dams short tour profile

This guided biking tour will take you to 4 most known Dams in Jizera Mountains including dam Sous.


Most of this bicycle tour will be on designated cycling routes through the woods with some amazing views including the most famous peat bogs in Jizera Mountains - Cihadla.


While biking Jizera Mountains from one dam to another we will visit for example the oldest memorial in Jizera Mountains dating back to 1674, popular Samalova cottage at Nova Louka.

We will also visit village Josefuv Dul established by the ruling aristocracy - Des Fours - in 1701. It became one of the most celebrated centers at the foothills of Jizera mountains mainly due to glass production that lasted for several centuries.

During our bike trip Jizera Mountains we will also stop at Broken Dam which is a memorial of the biggest tragedy of its kind in Europe during early 20th century.

A long descend on comfortable tarmac road will take us to Kristianov, which was the most important glassworks deep in the woods of Jizera Mountains for more than 100 years.

This guided bike tour has a lot of natural beauty and interesting history of Jizera Mountains.

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Jizera Mountains Dams (long version)
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