1-day Bike Tour - History of Glass in the Jizera Mountains

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Distance:  29 km     Total ascent:  600 m


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This guided bike tour in the Jizera Mountains is an extensive excursion into the famous stage of the history of this region.


During our bike tour, we will visit several glassworks sites including famous Kristianov which was destroyed by a big fire in 1887 and Desna where glass is still produced today.


We will start our bicycle tour visiting famous glassworks situated deep in the woods of the Jizera Mountains. Then we will continue our cycling tour towards the foothills of the Jizera mountains to witness newer glassworks that ceased operations not so long ago.
Finally, we will visit the town of so-called “glass kings” where 
glass manufacturing remains operational until this day.

While in Desna we will visit the tomb of the „glass kings“ - Riedel family.

Apart from learning a lot about the historical era that brought major fame to the Jizera Mountains region we will enjoy the best mountain biking in splendid nature and enjoy breathtaking views at several outlook spots.

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History of Glass in Jizera Mountains

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