1 day Bike Tour - Jizera Mountains MTB Marathon

biking Tour information:

Distance: 110 km    Total ascent: 2440 m


Technical difficulty:

Physical difficulty:

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Imagine yourself filled with total joy and pride relaxing and enjoying the peace of Jizera Mountains.


After you have finished one of the best bike tours in Europe you are likely to be in this type of biker´s euphoria.


Jizera Mountains MTB Marathon cycling tour will take you to many top spots in the Jizera Mountains.

Among the many places of interest we will visit:

  • Dam Sous which is a reservoir of drinking water for the Jablonec nad Nisou region.

  • 2 mineral springs with super healthy water in Spa Libverda and its surroundings

  • Outlook tower Tanvaldsky Spicak with astonishing views of the Jizera Mountains and Krkonose Mountains

  • Iconic settlement of the Jizera Mountains - Jizerka - which gained significant importance in the 19th century due to glass production

  • Several memorials and beautiful outlook spots


There are plenty of opportunities for refreshment along this ultimate mountain biking Czech Republic tour so we will have a lot of flexibility according to how you will feel.


You will get to ride bike Jizera Mountains on all the terrains it has to offer:


If you want to maximize your holidays in the Czech Republic and see all of the Jizera Mountains in just 1 day this MTB guided tour is for you!


This ultimate cycling tour can be cut short at several spots. If you do not feel like you want to continue all the way to the finish, we will find the quickest / easiest way to get you to your accommodation.


  • Men finishing the whole guided MTB tour will receive a unique diploma and a 20% discount.

  • Women finishing the whole bike tour will receive a unique diploma and a 30% discount.

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Jizera Mountains MTB Marathon
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