1-day Bike Tour - Outlook Towers

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Distance: 31 km     Total ascent: 930 m


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You know the feeling...standing at the top and seeing breathtaking natural sight all around you. Hmmm...


If you are after the best bike tour in Europe with magnificent views then you have to go for this MTB guided tour in the Jizera Mountains which will take you to 4 popular outlook towers including Kralovka.


This biking tour can be done in easier mode riding more on wider tarmac roads or more difficult mode when we will ride beautiful wild trails in the Jizera Mountains.


To get to the last outlook tower you can decide to use Tanvaldsky Spicak lanovka (chairlift).
For the descend from last outlook tower you can choose easy or difficult designated trail which belongs to one of the newest trail centres in the Czech Republic -
Bikepark Tanvaldsky Spicak.


This tour is not only about great mountain bike trails in the Jizera Mountains. We will pass by the biggest dam in the Jizera Mountains as well as historical glass and wooden toy manufacturing sites.

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Outlook Towers
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