Jizera Mountains MTB cycling weekend

Now you have a chance to see the whole of the Jizera Mountains and all the elements that are unique to it just in 2 days without spending hours in the maps and even more hours studying the history of this region.

During MTB cycling weekend in the Jizera Mountains, you will visit several Dams, learn about and see the rich history of glassmaking, enjoy amazing views from Jizera Mountains Outlook towers or ride the best singletrack in the Czech Republic and experience great mountain bike adventures Czech Republic.

Day 1 - MTB weekend Jizera Mountains

On the first day, you will be mountain biking in the western part of the Jizera Mountains visiting dam Cerna Nisa and the centuries-old internationally recognized pilgrimage town of Hejnice.

From there we will be biking to the city of Spa Libverda where Kaiser Josef II or Russian grand princess Anna Fjodorovna or famous composer Maria von Weber spent time.


After tasting special mineral water that has helped to heal people for centuries we will do some cycling on the best MTB trails in the Czech Republic / Cesko, riding several singletrack mountain bike trails around singltrek Nove Mesto pod Smrkem which is the biggest and most popular network of MTB trails in the Czech Republic.


The returning route of this MTB adventure in the Jizera Mountains will take us across popular Samalova cottage at Nova Louka.

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Day 2 - Cycling weekend Jizera Mountains

The second day of this mountain bike weekend in the Czech Republic you will explore the eastern part of the Jizera Mountains. We will start in the city of Bedrichov, originally founded as glassworks settlement and nowadays famous for being the start and finish of the legendary Jizerska 50 race.

Your guided MTB ride will continue over 2 outlook towers including Kralovka from which you can enjoy magnificent views of Jizera Mountains. Later on, we will arrive at the Broken Dam which is a memorial of the biggest tragedy of its kind in Europe during the early 20th century.

A little bit of MTB riding will take us close to dam Sous and from there we will arrive at the iconic settlement of Jizera Mountains - Jizerka - which gained significant importance in the 19th century due to glass production.

While returning from our mountain bike adventure we will visit the most famous peat bogs in the Jizera Mountains - Cihadla and pass by the largest dam in the Jizera Mountains.

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