5 days Stage bike Tour Europe

Prague – Bohemian Switzerland National Park - Jizera Mountains

People coming to the Czech Republic / Cesko for guided bike tours of Europe often choose to go from Prague to Dresden. Since following river Labe /Elbe for majority of this biking tour can become a bit monotonous, I have decided to modify the favorite bike trip from Prague to Dresden.

You will only reach Czech / German border and from there your cycling vacation Czech Republic will start heading East across the whole Bohemian Switzerland National Park and passing the majestic hill Jested with architecturally unique TV tower to finally arrive into the Jizera Mountains.

During this cycling tour in Bohemia you will see fertile lowlands north of Prague, later a completely different (originally volcanic) area of Porta Bohemica and the Czech Middle Mountains, which will be followed by unique sandstone rock formations and deep valleys of Bohemian Switzerland National Park and at the end, you will arrive into the most northern mountain massif in the Czech Republic full of stunning nature – Jizera Mountains.

On this biking tour, you will also see several castles, historical centres of towns with unique and interesting architecture. During this bike trip, we will mostly ride a bike on designated cycling routes and on roads with minimum traffic. Therefore, it is suitable for bike packing or long-distance bike touring or bicycle exploring the Czech Republic.

Day 1 (50 km) - Bike touring north of Prague

We will start your cycling adventure in the Czech Republic close to Vaclav Havel airport in Prague and head to see ruins of castle Okor built in 1359. We will later ride by one of Bohemia's finest Renaissance castles in the village of Nelahozeves. This village was also the birthplace of the internationally most known Czech classical music composer - Antonin Dvorak.

Then we will continue toward the final city of the day – Roudnice nad Labem which is situated by river Labe (Elbe) and very close to the mythical Rip mountain which is connected to the legend of Forefather Czech.

Day 2 (71 km) - Biking tour through Porta Bohemica

From Roudnice nad Labem your European bike tour will continue through the town Terezin which originated as a fortress built in late 18th century. However, it became known mainly as the WW II Nazi concentration camp.

Just a few kilometres from Terezin lies a beautiful historical city Litomerice with one of the biggest town squares in the Czech Republic. From there we will continue along the Labe river through Porta Bohemica, passing by Strekov castle and chateau Velke Brezno to finally arrive into the city of Decin which was first mentioned in 993 A.D.

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Day 3 - Rest day

Before we continue to ride bike Czech Republic you deserve some rest and time to recover. You can visit thermal spa Toskana in the nearby German city of Bad Schandau.


If you decide to stay in Decin you can decide to visit one of the oldest and largest landmarks in northern Bohemia - Decin castle.

One of the greatest attractions of this area is also a boat trip in amazing gorges at the border of Elbe sandstone rocks natural protected area and Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

Day 4 (62 km) - Bike tour through Bohemian Switzerland National Park

This day of your guided bike tour Europe will be mainly about Bohemian Switzerland National Park. We will ride through it from the West to East and enjoy magical nature. Once we leave Bohemian Switzerland National Park we will continue cycling in the natural protected area Lusatian Mountains.

Day 5 (65 km) - Cycling tour to the Jizera Mountains

The last day of your biking tour Europe will take us close to the area which was closed to the public for many years during the communist era because it was occupied by the Russian army and also used for their military training. Bypassing this area will bring us at the foothills of Jested - iconic mountain of the whole Liberec region.

Do not worry we will not climb all the way to the top. We only need to reach a pass around Jested and descent to the outskirts of city Liberec which can be considered one of the gateways into the Jizera Mountains. From here we will continue cycling towards the finish of the whole central Europe bike tour.

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