5 days Stage MTB tour Czech Republic

Across Jizera Mountains and Krkonose National Park

Did you know that the highest mountain in the Czech Republic lies in Krkonose National Park and forms the border with Poland?

If you want to experience more physically challenging MTB bike trip Europe why not ride a bike from East to West across the whole Jizera Mountains massif and the from East to West across the whole Krkonose National Park.

Even though you will spend MTB holidays in two neighboring mountain ranges you will find out that they are very different in bike riding profiles, MTB trails and roads, nature, and types of settlements.

Day 1 (51 km) - Mountain Bike adventure across the Jizera Mountains

Your MTB adventure Czech Republic will start in the south Eastern part of the Jizera Mountains. While going East across the Jizera Mountains you will (among other things):

  • See dam Cerna Nisa, which I call a Zen place

  • Follow part of the famous Jizerska 50 - the biggest cross country ski race in central Europe.

  • Enjoy spectacular outlook overseeing the most northern part of the Czech Republic from a rock formation

  • Visit the most famous peat bogs in Jizera Mountains - Cihadla

  • Visit Jizerka - the iconic settlement of the Jizera Mountains which thrived during the glass making era.

  • MTB ride on trails on the Polish side of Jizera Mountains


The finish of your 1st day of this mountain biking tour Europe will be in the city of Harrachov which lies at the border of Jizera Mountains and Krkonose National park and which is one of the 6 places in the world with giant ski jumping hill.

Day 2 (45 km) - Mountain Bike touring in Krkonose National Park

We will start the second day of your guided MTB cycling tour with a short climb towards the Polish border and ride along in Eastern direction. We will get to at Vosecka bouda (1260 meters above sea level) and continue towards cottage Dvoracky which was built in 1707.

Next our MTB bike trip will take us around one mountain to the Misecky ski center. From there it will be one long descent to the finish in Spindleruv Mlyn - the most known Czech ski resort also called the Czech Aspen, where international competitions in alpine skiing and snowboarding take place.

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Day 3 - Rest day

I intentionally choose Spindleruv Mlyn for a rest day. There is the best selection of activities and wellness opportunities here. It will be only up to you how you choose to relax and prepare for the next 2 days of MTB riding in Krkonose.

Day 4 (40 km) - Mountain bike (MTB) trip towards Snezka mountain

This stage of your MTB bicycle tour Europe will be about typical Krkonose settlements - places with few cottages alone in rough nature. We will pass several places like this including Hribeci boudy or Hrncirske boudy.

The finish is situated in another popular ski resort Pec pod Snezkou. This small city is one of the places to start a hiking trip to the highest mountain in the Czech Republic.

Day 5 (45 km) - Mountain biking in Eastern Krkonose

The last stage of your best cycling vacation in the Czech Republic will lead us towards the Polish border, passing through magnificent nature along with nice outlook spots and a small waterfall.

Then we start to head south cycling through several small villages and passing by chateau Horni Marsov which is undergoing reconstruction after a big fire in 2018. The finish of your guided tour of Europe will be in the spa city of Janske Lazne.

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